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The Crave: My New Newsletter on Substack

Welcome to the first edition of The Crave! Your weekly source of digestible and actionable health tips from two wellness nerds, Alex Hantman and Joanna Benadrete, the gal behind WellWithYael.

Our goal is to help give you a new normal:

  • From brain fog and anxiety to a clear, calm mind

  • From fatigue to carpe diem, let’s seize the day energy

  • From bloating and GI distress to gut and hormone health

  • From ‘bad,’ unwanted cravings to healthier, intentional consumption

We believe that feeling good starts with the food we eat. So we’ll share one nutritious and delicious product with you every Sunday morning that you can order straight to your home.

Our promise:

  • Clean labels, with no harmful additives

  • Real ingredients, no fake nada

  • Organic or sustainably sourced

  • Taste-tested and AJ approved

Along with the product itself, we’ll share why we love it, how to enjoy it, where to buy it, and a fun fact about the company. So let’s get to it!

On this week’s wellness radar: Lil Bucks.

Why We Love It? Packed with fiber, protein, and minerals in a compact pouch, Lil Bucks is a great solution to the fact that 95% of Americans don’t get enough fiber (source: Institute of Medicine). Why’s bridging that “fiber gap” important? According to Harvard, people who do get enough fiber have significantly lower risks of heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, and colon cancer. Let’s be honest, it also helps keep the bowels moving.

How We Enjoy It? Eat it straight from the pouch if you’re a madman like Alex, or behave like a domesticated human and sprinkle over avocado toast, add to a smoothie, use as a salad topper, or enjoy with your go-to alternative milk for a plant-based cereal with extra crunch. More recipe inspiration here.

Where to Buy It? Find the goods here and keep a pouch handy in your purse or backpack for on-the-go snacking.

Fun Fact: Female-founded by Emily Griffith and plastic neutral. For every one bag sold, Lil Bucks removes 238 bags from the environment!

Thanks for reading The Crave, and let us know if you have a product you’d like us to highlight next week!

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